About my work

I have been painting from an early age, through schools and Art college to the present day, and have had many exhibitions in galleries, Art Fairs and Art Trails, including two solo shows in London. I also have work in collections across the world, from Scotland to Hong Kong.

Raku fired paper clay

Raku fired paper clay

My Ceramics are about the theme of fragility and strength; clay is broken, torn, shattered, exposed, burnt; what shows on the outside and inside, and yet remaining or becoming whole and strong; a metamorphosis.

I experiment with the method of Raku firing – a process involving intense heat, flames, smoke and then cold water – through these elements something so thin and fragile survives and becomes beautiful. Transformed. A fun and unpredictable process yet with some good surprises.

My recent work experiments with landscape, light and boundaries.




My Paintings are a response to the natural world; sea, sky, estuary, horizons, the meeting of elements, the cycle of sun/moon, tides, bird song. The vitality of nature and the spark of life.

The circles represent the world as we travel through space. There are recurring themes of beginnings, journeys, exploration. Some work is “energy made visible” in drawings and printing. My feet and hand paintings are about my connection with the world and people and between us all …

I use acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas and panel. The colours represent many elements, human emotions, and musical notes.

Group Work

I take Therapeutic Art groups for people who suffer severe and enduring distress. Working in a wide range of materials of painting, printing, 3D, textiles, photography and ceramics. I believe creative activity is healing for everyone, whatever their situation, helping us to cope, to live rather than just to exist, growing and finding and becoming a “self” again; a re-awakening, with direction, meaning and transformation. Able to release and express new ideas and feelings. I am always keen to receive enquiries about my art, community and group work. My CV is available on request.


Music with soul, choirs, plants, birds, butterflies, horticulture, conservation, water – in, on, under – people, cultures, philosophies, song lines, labyrinths, dance …

Artists who inspire me include Carol Farrow, Sean Scully, Richard Long and Robin Welch amongst hundreds of others.